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In the new establishment of La Torba we can pack daily up to 3 tons of product. Active from May 2013, the CSM is specialized in French products as boulot, truffles, scallops, amandas, abalone, Perceves and Oysters of different origin between the all Marchio Roman’s. Moreover, we retire products from Tuscan boats as: sea urchin, periwinkle, and cockle.

We pack daily veracious clams originate from Goro and Adriatic Sea.

Thanks to an innovative technic of conservation, we can offer oysters already opened, which are kept alive for 5 days. The packages are of 6,12,24, and 36 pieces, with possibility of mono product of mixed packages, up to 4 different pieces and/or origins.

Locality La Torba - Capalbio (Gr) - Phone +39 0564 1728529 -


The need to give continuity and dignity to the job of the fisherman, motivates us to value those fishes that in the mainstream market are less appreciated, and it gives origin to the project of reviving the typical meals of the old culture of the fishermen of the Argentario.

The extraordinary combination between sea and land, allows unique unions characterized by the 100% of local products (of zero miles and kilometers), always different in each season. The tradition, the culture and the dexterity come together perfectly in our meals, ready to be cooked or ready to be served. The result is the real essence of our Maremma: genuine high quality that only a pure environment can guarantee.

Locality La Torba - Capalbio (Gr) - pHONE +39 0564 1728529 -


From the decennial experience in the Seafood sector, comes a space to rediscover the culinary tradition of the fishermen of the Argentario. A restaurant and a gastronomic area where authenticity is the only real foundation of the taste. The concept of ‘Vivo’ is made to take into account the functional polyvalence, it is at the same time a cult place for those who love the sea and a pleasant break from our daily stress.

The offer is made to reach a big variety of clients in different moments of the day. We organize motif nights, recreational and cultural, focusing on the methods and the areas of production, a sequence of events to create an union between taste and culture.

The standard internal dislocation foresees 1 expository aquarium for the exposition of the products, a "boat bar" for happy hours and brief degustation, a lounge open room with visible kitchen, with a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 200 seats, a path to knowledge.

The menus change daily and they are created on the base of the daily availability, using always combination of fish and vegetable of season to guarantee the best authenticity of the meals. We keep some cult meals, like the ‘spaghetti clams and saute’. The goal is the one of educating the client to the taste of the local product and to the zero-miles, then to inform them on the new lines of production of the industry. The menus are adjusted to the themes of the dinners. The experience is completed by the possibility of the take away and the direct sell.

We are able to sustain all kind of event with customized banguets set up with raw and cooked seafood: gala, cocktails, weddings, conventions, private events and thematic dinners.

Locality La Torba - Capalbio (Gr) - Phone +39 0564 1728529 -