Fratelli Manno



The Birth

The Manno’s family has been active in the seafood industry for four generations, since 1904, when Antonio with his two brothers and the help of two horses and two wagons, went every day went to the lake of Patria and to Gaeta to fish. On their way back, they would distributed the fish to the women, who would resell it to the whole area of the province. The tradition goes on, Nicola (1908), Domenico (1903) and Generoso (1912) carry on the fishing activity, leaving the selling to their wives and their sons. In 1968 Antonio Manno, Generoso’s eldest son, decides to settle down in Orbetello, where the supply was guaranteed by the presence of the lagoon and the fishy promontory of the Argentario to guarantee the supply. This decision marks the beginning of the trade, with a truck that shuttles between Sardegna, Tuscany and Chioggia. In 1973, through the restoration of a oil mill, the first wholesale laboratory comes to life. The activity flourishes with the beginning of the fish trade from France that together with, the local fish, is distributed all around Italy. Manno’s name soon becomes a referent point in the Italian seafood market.

The Developments

The following years are characterized by successes and new challenges. In 1982 the Maricoltura Spa starts an establishment of breeding that reaches 36 billion of income in 1985, opening markets like the ones of the French oysters, the Spanish mussels landed in the sea and the Tunisian clams.

The actual business cycle starts with the foundation of the F.lli Manno S.a.s. in 1989, with the goal to commercialize the fishing products of Porto S. Stefano. As the years go on, the activity expands itself to the international trade, and its business development goes through the opening of new trading channels, either in the national or in the international market. In 2003 the F.lli Manno S.r.l is founded to follow the branches of Rimini and Milan and the relationship with the GDO. Today, the businesses that respond to the Manno’s family occupy all the ichthyic scenario from the fishing to the food service and catering, going through trade, transformation, logistics and transportation, with subsidiary companies in Italy and France.

Companies by Manno